Effect of review petition

Dear Sir, My appointment was made under ST category. I am ST candidate and have domicile of Jharkhand state. I got a job in a ICSSR (Central government and State government funded Institute). It was mentioned in the advertisement that the state rule will be followed. I applied for this job. After my appointment it was told to me that There was no any written rule on this issue in the Institute act. After my appointment board declared that institute will follow central government rules. The board of the Institute confirmed my appointment and now this is year six. Now someone filed a case against me and the Institute that my appointment is wrong. My institute submitted that this institute is a central government funded institute and is following central government rule of reservation. A verdict came in September 2015 by the Honorable High court that my appointment is an example of bad rule and the job should be terminated. I and Institute did not get any information from any side before January. Know, the Institute has stopped my salary and not considering me a faculty in this institute beacuse someone wrote to institute that Institute is not following the order. I have filed a review petition in high court and has been under consideration. Now, what is your opinion in this regard. Shall institute should pay salary to me or not. Please advise me for justice at this time. I am 45 years old and have lots of responsibilty at this time.