In 6 months only my wife left me and charged wrong case on me

I got married in November 2015.After that my wife forced me to take another house on rent as she didn't want to live with my family so my wife left me and she submitted a case in women cell against my family in which she gives a reason that my mother has scolded her all the time and she wants to live with me separately.So i attended the date at women cell after that i was searching a new home for us ..and some time she met with me outside like in restaurants, in Parks and we were discussing on things. But one day when i was sited at my office i was just surfing my Facebook account where i checked the filtered messages that i got so earlier but i never checked them so what i found one person has sent some text about my wife before my marriage and he said that my wife does not want to get marry with me and she was forced by her parents only and she also attempt two times suicide also. after that i tried to talk with that person but couldn't .Next day i met with my wife outside and asked her clearly about it if she wants to live with that person or with me. But she replies you are talking non sense you are doubting on me she excepts that one person is still waiting for her even now. After that we went our home i called up her and said i am coming to your home i want to talk with your parents but her father caught my shirt and tried to bit me.Next day suddenly i got a call from police station and i found that she charged a wrong case on me and my family of Domestic Violence and crying over there and she went out. Now me and my family are being trapped falsely in this case and can't understand what we should do now. I don't want to live with her any more because i never even shouted on her and she did all these with me and my family.