About my mobile

Iam K. Anil from Bangalore. i purchase motorola g3 mobile and unfortunately i got it's defected one Here comes the twist, I don't understand that why a dark circle had appeared on display screen. And I would like to thank for the service centers which are readily available at our comfort. I have visited nearest service center Bangalore marathahalli Address Techtronix mobile solutions, sigma arcade, 1st floor, office #3, with job sheet number AMSBAG008425 they have done some formalities and summarized to submit my mobile, the next day service center people explained due display problem the dark circle's appeared so need to replace the display, it may take up to 10 days ([deleted] to [deleted]) after receiving serviced handset on same day i observed not fixed properly. Now I have got another opportunity to visit the same service center for the good service provided. And with the same complaint. Here, I was informed that the problem will be resolved in few days automatically, I didn't understood that. Anyways I moved out by keeping hope on Customer care of "Motorola" I was using handset carefully for one more week thinking that the problem may be rectified while using. But for my surprise after a week there another problem in which the proximity sensor light was blinking continuously automatically that too when the device is in lock mode. For this I have again visited same service center. I don't know why, may be the service center people like my mobile so they wanted to keep my handset for some more days and do some research on it. Finally I have decided not to wait and wanted to get it replaced. And I would like to inform you that I am not at all interested to visit your service center in a timely basis. It's really very atrocious experience with the service center and even Handset. In reply for complaint in trailing mail, I have received a call from Priyanka your executive on 8th April in between 1pm to 2 pm on [deleted]. Stating that please submit your hand set in service center and show will escalate the case to get replace of handset. she also informed that Motorola will not replace the handset but in some case like mine they will replace the hand set. Even I have informed in particular that i don't want to listen things like "we try to replace of handset but it not possible and sorry to say this" etc. She assured not to worry and I will get handset replaced. She told not to send any documents in hard copy format as advice by consumer form and assured that she will escalate and work on a resolution as soon as possible and also promised to give me an update. After all the conversation I have submitted my handset on 11th of April and provided job sheet number to Priyanka on same day. Next morning I have received call from you people but i was unable to attend and have updated the same to Motorola that someone trying to reach me and i have missed attending call. And requested to give me a call back on [deleted]. I got a call on 15th April from sushil (i think so not remembered name exactly) he told same story and he said give me time up to Wednesday i will update the status of replacement. Here, I have requested for a call recording of the same but i did not received any feedback or mail from him. He is one of the worst person in my life never saw because he will not update anything correctly to customer and as well as to Motorola side also. He called me on 20th but not communicated with me as call got disconnected due to some technical issue and he mentioned in review that customer not answered the call. I requested to Motorola call me again on same day they told me you will get the call by end of the day but not received any call from him. Next day i try to reach him, your executive told me you will get call on 23 rd of April. Finally received call on 23rd he told me your hand set will be serviced but not be replaced and you can collect handset on 26th of April and disconnected the call, I told him that i don't want to collect serviced handset from service centre and requested to update this status to Motorola. But he updated status as handset will not be replaced. After this, i have called to the same executive to reconfirm on 23 April. I asked explanation to the executive he was like he will provide me whatever status is updated in your database and i don't have any other information. i can't provide any other information so i ask to connect to higher officials. For which I was kept on hold for minimum of 25 Mins but no one answered the call and no one properly responding. So I have disconnected the call myself and tried to reach again on same day to you people. The executive told me you will receive the mail or call by end of the day my from Motorola team which I not received till date. I have not expected this kind of behavior from a reputed company like Motorola. Not even having a minimum commonsense of how to serve Customers. Any one give rating or grade for your service it will zero only Z grade from my side. I think it's not the way to treat customers. Here I was told that my handset will not be replaced and they suggested me to get my Handset serviced. I am not expecting the service of my handset which i have already mentioned.I request you to kindly let me know whether the handset will be replaced or for any refund. After all the this thing completed i ask on call and mail also please provide me answers for this questions they not at all providing me any information and also with out providing any information to customer they are closing the case. those questions are 1. If you people don't(Motorola) have replace and refund how can you say to we will escalate the case to get replace of handset or try. 2. Give some time( i will put mail to my manager so i need 2 or 3 days) sir to get information about replace. Finally i visited to motorola service center to collecte my handset it not at all fixed properly they are tell it should be fixed like this only please provide me solution for my case