I don't want to do divorce but husband wants

We both love each other madly.But his mother I'm absence of bad mouthed me over phone and in front of him talk in a sugar coated way.But he doesn't believe and he thinks after because of my behaviour she is having health issues.This is the only reason of fights between us.We had massive fights before.Now he gets too angry because of recent fight.I don't talk to his mother for the last few weeks as she manipulates our conversation.She gets hospitalized two days back.My husband thinks its bcz of me and want to divorce.I am in a very stressful condition.I can't live without him,I know he also can't.But he told me he will be sending notice to me.I told him I forgot all of my anger caused by your mother when I heard ur mother gets hospitalized.Now onwards nothing will bother me as I realized she is suffering from mental illness.Several time I told them see a psycriatist for her.But he got angry to this point.She needs it bcz she cannot see our closeness and bad mouthing me in his absence.I am clueless.I just love him, I don't want anything from him, I am helpless.Don't want to loose him