Marriage issue

I am married to my husband from last 2.5 years.we were initially in relationship before marriage for around 5 years and when we wanted to get marreid his parents didnt agree for 2 years and said all wrong things about me even used abusive words and statements against me .After marriage also they never treated me with respect an dmy husband he never makes me happy or loved never gifts me anything even after telling him clearly ,he doesnt make any initiative if I am angry with him.I get so much frustrated .Only when he wants sex he makes all initiatives and i dont want to have it wid him but i cannot stop myself. Due to this i asked my husband to take a step against them and tell them they have no right to tell all wrong things about me.But he didnt do that so we used to have a lot of fights due to that.Now that we are married still his parents dont keep any relationship with me but he forces me to call his mother and sister and we end up fighting.,Two days back we had so much fight for same issue and also due to his behaviour towards me , I messaged abusive words to his sister ,even I called police becuase the fight was so bad that we had physical fight and both got few bruises also.After calling police that he is mentally harassing me i realized that its not due to our relation trouble that we are fighting and i talked with my parents also .When police came after 3 hours,before they could ask anything to my husband I only told them we had a personal issue related fight and now talked to parents and its sortedout.they called the control room and went away.after that he didnt talk to me.and one day later his sister called him to tell him that i have messaged her ,he got so angry that he went to the police station and complaint against me for scolding him and physically torturing him,I was shocked when police called me and asked me.I was the one who is getting mental torture from him from so much time but still i didnt tell to police because it will only make the relation worst and i want to live with him.but he went to police and i dont know what all he told against me .after they called marriage councellor and talked to both of us..i dont know what they told him but after coming back he didnt try to talk to me at all.i dono wat he wants whether he wants relation or not.If yes why is he not making any initiative for this marriage,I still love him and only want him to understand my point also and support me if his parents are against me.i dont understand Why he is so ride to me ,i feel tortured waitng for him to come and talk to me for days .I cry almost every night for what is happening.could you comment on this?