About divorce&alimony

Sir I am muslim girl,I got married before 12 years i have 4years daughter,after 2 month of marriage i came to know my husband mother&sisters dosen't like me and they make lots of problem in my family life.my husband works abroad,for 12 years he gave only 5,500rs only.but my husband send money to his father for me but he never gave money by saying that there is no understanding between us,and his family members forced me out of his house. my husband dosen't care for it,my husband came from abroad and he complained to jamath that my wife was not at house.so jamath members phone me and told me to come to my husbands house.i &my father went there,they never allowed me to enter the house,they ask me to sign in white paper to allow him to do second marriage.i refuse to give.and came back to my fathers house.again some people from jamath came to my home t convince me.then i went to my husband house.after 2 month they started tortured me to bring jewels&money from my father&beat me and throwed me out of house at 10.30pm with my 3years old daughter and ask me to die.i went to jamath and ask them to gve me shelter as it is the village there is no bus facilities after 9.30pm.jamath head said i cant do any thing against my relation.jamath head is my husbands uncle.no help from them.after 2 days i got sevier pain in my shoulder&i asked my husband to take me hospital,ho dosent care,so i went to doctor take treatment &got medical certificate.to certain injuries caused due to assault.i went to police station and gave complaint against my husband,motherinlaw,sisterinlaw.police inquired them and ask them to take me to his house.my husband accepted,but my motherinlaw standing outside tho police station shouted that if u take her to our house i will brake ur leg.so he refuse me to take. he went to his house.after 15 days police filled fir.and remand him for 4 days.then i filed mc case it was bending.now jamath pepole came and ask me to withdraw the case.but i refused.so he went to shariath court.the send summon.so went to shariath court.there khaji ask my father to give dowry.if u refuse to give they wont allow ur daughter to live intheir house.khaji says if u r a brilliant girl u should adjust ur husband mother inlaw as ur father not able to give dowry.and he asked my father not to support me and let her die.after this argument we refuse to go shariath court.after 1 year my husband send me a letter xerox that he has talaq me on [deleted].which was sign by his father &1 relative.then secretly he do second marriage on[deleted].i asked my husbands village jamath pepole why u give permission to do second marriage,but theyaccepted my husband second marriage.and said that they went to marriage but they dont no any detail about second marriage.at this stage what legal step can i take on my husband as there is no support from jamath & shariath court by saying that 4wives are permited in islam.pls help me