I got married 4yrs ago & have 2 kids. After few months from marriage my parents started troubling my wife & then used to tell my wife not to say anything to husband as he is tension of work load...but still my wife used to inform me about them same. On Jan 27, 2016 my wife delivered my 2nd kid & then I told it's time to wrap everything up so booked my parents ticket to come to native (remember in my cast 2nd delivery is at husbands home but my parents ignored to take the responsibility & I knew they won't let her rest so sent her to her parents home). On Feb 7, 2016, parents arrived & they started arguing but ran away within 10-15mins. While standing up to run away they told me to empty & leave the home as they want to give room on rent....I said ok & immediately emptied the home when I went back to mumbai..........May 13, 2016 was my marriage anniversary so I told my parents that we will go to hotel for lunch but father said 1st come home with your wife & kid and then will go to hotel.........I did the same by 12:30pm we were at home. I didnt like the environment at home & nor there dresscode.....they were not dressed up to go to hotel. I told my father to dressup so that we can go to hotel...but instead he smiled & said wait......I didnt like his smile for 1st time in my was different. Then mom started arguing with my wife asking her "What trouble have we given to you". I told my mom that you asked the same question in Feb then why did you run away.......then my father started abusing my wife & again I fell in between and started arguing. My younger came to beat me saying why are you talking like this to mom & dad....I moved away & hit him.....then my dad & brother caught me up & started beating me.........neighbors came from downstairs to save me. Then dad started shouting "dont let him go unless he returns the gold we gave during his marriage". I said "why would I give it...its made from my money plus if you want it then return all my salaries & then I will give your gold". My wife had ran downstairs with my 2 young kids when the fight began. Then my father went downstairs & started abusing her again. I ran downstairs & saw that he is hurting her so I ran inside room saying "Why are you beating my wife" & hit him. Then again father & brother caught me again tightly......I had my right hand free so I hit father 4-5times on his face for hurting me.......He tore off my shirt. I came home 1.5kms shirtless. From past couple of days I am restless, I am asking one question in my mind "Why I had to become their son? Why are they so much greedy for money? Why do they abuse my wife? Why did they hurt me when I got separated from them? Why can't they change? Why can't they take me as i am?" Now I feel they don't even love my kids. Advisors - Please note:- On the day when they beat me, in evening they went on pilgrimage to Ujjain. Does god allow sinners/money-greedy people take holy baths? Should I keep relation with them? or just leave them? Should I lodge a complaint? My Wife is very much in shock.