About falls alligation

My bodi has a false case file against me and my elder brother that we are trying to Rep, Snatched the gold chain, trying to kill her by pouring kerosine oil, and my mother and father has demanded 10 lack rupees as an dowry. But sir I want to tell you that we are not envolve in any matter. on the contratary to surprise that both my elder brother and his wife has lodged false FIR and case file with the support of police and we are totally unaware but one day suddenly police come to arrest me and my brother, father and to my mother. While my brother is living separately from approx. 5 year, and my father's age is approx. 80 year, my mother's age is 73 approx. than an 80 yrs. old man and 73 yrs. old why they may demand of Rs. 10,000/- although my father is an retired govt. N.F.Rly employee and getting pension approx 13000 pm. ?????? My bodi claim to snetch about chain, trying to kill but the reality is that they have no proof at all to proove it. No weith of the chain has been mentioned, no medical evidence, no neighbours evidence as an eye witness. But in association with police and his support they always trying to harress us by giving threats.