End of business partnership

HI, I was in business partnership with one of my friend. WE had started a shop. Business was quite attractive. But after some month of starting business, my business partner started stealing some material to his another shop which he started after our shop. There was some conflicts in between us and with some understanding and negotiations, I decided to move out by taking some money and leaving business to him. Now problem is he is not giving me the money which we had decided that he will pay me. He already gave some money and for rest he is just pushing to next day which is yet to come. What options I have in front of me in this situation? Can I get a court stay order to lock the shop until he gives me money? For your info, still we both are owner on paper and bank account is also same, basically nothing changed. He is not depositing money to that shop account. We had done a agreement thru one advocate and CA during the settlement whose only photocopy is with me. The said business is in Maharashtra. Please advise. Thanks in advance.