Terminated And Then Being Asked To Pay Up For Loan

I joined a company in Aug 2015. I was terminated from services with immediate effect in Dec 2015 via an email from the CEO. I was not given notice for termination. I was told that I did not fit the company's aspirations. During this period, I had taken a loan from the company in the month of Oct 2015. The agreement was to have a certain amount of the loan deducted from my salary starting Nov 2015. I had few loss of pay during the month of Nov 2015, and I was informed that my salary was zero after adjusting the deduction for the loan. In Dec 2015, I again had lost of pay and worked only for about 11 or 12 days. I took leave starting 11th Dec and received a termination email on the 26th of Dec 2015. Since then, there has been no communication between me and the company. Now, in the month of May 2016, the company has come back to me asking me to pay up the total loan amount. They have sent me a letter asking me to pay the whole amount without deducting the Nov and Dec adjustments which should have been made. Question: 1. Isn't there a time limit for the company to recover any dues from the employee? Can they just come back anytime they want and ask the employee to pay up after being terminated from services? 2. I was under probation for 6 months from the date of Joining (3rd August 2015) and in my offer letter it is mentioned that my employment can be terminated by serving one month's notice or after paying the basic salary thereof. I was not given neither the notice of one month nor the basic month's pay. How should I get back to the company? Please advice. I am ready to file legal action if needed.