Defamation Case

Dear Sir Recently while commuting to my office I accidentally bumped by car in another car. It was a negligence from both of us as he suddenly stopped his car in moving traffic on highway and I didn't noticed that which led to a minor collision. Now that person is asking me recovery of damages which is just minor dent at backside of his car. I had advised him to file on insurance claim with his insurance company or with my insurance company as third party insurance. But that person is not willing to go with Insurance company and asking me to pay huge amount for the damage. He works in a company which is client to my company in which I work. Now that person is coming in person for meetings and telling everyone that i owe him Rs 6,000 which is extremely unfair amount in respect to minor dent on his car. I am a Chartered Accountant by qualification. So can I file Defamation against him as he is again and calling me disturbing me and coming to my office and telling my colleagues that i am not repaying his money. Thanks and Regards Jatin Gupta