Promotion result Public Sector Bank

I am working for one PSB. The Bank has declared 2 vacancies against 10 eligible candidate. Bank is considering to promote officials from HO. I am working in field and a very good performance track record. I am following advantages over the peer candidate 1. Consistent performance with outstanding remarks 2. Diversified work experience of field and HO which no other candidates have 3. Only candidate undergone Executive Development Program to identity future leaders 4. Has shown working out of comfort zone which others do not. 5. If considered on performance, I have outstanding performances & if considered seniority- I am the 2nd in list. In both the cases I am eligible. I do not possess the followings: 1. Not the part of HO 2. Not in favorite list of HO dealing Boss 3. Trying to promote candidate who is favorite to him. My question is: 1. How legallyI can protect my interest. 2. Is the law pf land permit to challenge promotion result If yes how could I proceed. Regards Prashant Singh