Alimony for idle wife who has walked out of the matrimonial home

After 2 years of marriage, me and my wife decided to opt for divorce by mutual consent on grounds of incompatibility as even marriage counselling did not help (she discontinued with counselling after just 3-4 sessions despite my insistence on going ahead with the counselling) and walked out of the house a month ago on her own accord. She used to be employed with a company but had quit her job a few months back (pre-counselling days) to pursue her passion for music and I had agreed to financially support her back then in the hopes that it might improve relations between us. However, that did not help matters either and we finally decided to separate but now she is demanding 5 lakhs as alimony on the grounds that she is unemployed and has no means of income, despite the fact that I had been constantly advising her to search for a job since January this year once we decided to separate. She chose to spend her time with music rehearsals and with her band when her priority was to hunt for a job... Can a husband be compelled to pay alimony in such a case where the wife has discontinued with marriage counselling, has walked out of the house and has also remained unemployed because she wants to explore music as a career?