Non repayment

Hello Sir. My name is Sreedevi and I'm from Bengaluru. I would like to know if I can file a cheating case for non repayment. I had lend RS.30,000 to my relative on promising to return within 3 months. This amount was transferred to a bank account in Kerala via bank transfer. When I called him after 3 months he said he has already transferred the amount back to my bank account but that was a lie. I called him again and he said this time he'll definitely transfer. But again he didn't. After that he stopped answering my calls. So I text him for which there was no answer at all. I called his wife and she promised that amount is ready but couldn't transfer due to bank holidays. And he'll be transferring the amount first working day. Later came to know it was also a lie. From then onwards, nobody is answering my calls in his family. Unknowingly his sister had picked up my call once and said he won't be returning the amount as he's not working. This fact was hidden from me while taking the money. I said I'll be filing a police case for cheating me. For which she laughed and said the amount was transferred to his mother's account so he'll not be responsible. Moreover, police can't do much about the case. So asked me to forget about the amount. It's very clear that they didn't have any intention of returning the amount ever while taking the amount. They intentionally planned and convinced me about their fake story about urgently paying someone one just to get money from me. I guess his wife and he are working now but they don't have any intention to return me the amount. Could you please advise me further course of action? Can I take legal help and how far it would help me?