How can I get a court order for my passport ? A complicated Case.

Hello sir, I have been stuck in my passport procedure for over a year now. Last year I applied for fresh passport online with my DOB which is there in all my documents from high school marksheet till my masters and ID card, adhaar card, Birth certificate etc. While I visited the psk the record showed that I had a passport when I was 2 yrs old from, on which the DOB was 1990 and of another state I.e., Madhya Pradesh. Now I was shocked to see that because after 22 years I got to know about that and did not have that old passport with me, on asking my parents about it. They recalled that they applied for passports and mine too while I was so small and now we have shifted to UP about 20 years ago. Now my current DOB is of 1991 due to admission in school had to change the DOB from 1990. And the old lost passport had DOB of 1990. RPO is asking for a court order for change in DOB in passport while they are issuing a new passport for me after applying penalties, as I had lost my old passport in shifting procedure or so, it is to be issued on 1990 DOB which is present in their records. While I want my passport to be on 1991 as all my education is on this DOB I am registered in municipality on 1991 in the city where I did my 10th standard. I want to know how much time will the court order take. And Do I fall in 5 ,years of issue category or since I was a minor at the time of issue of original passport I can apply for Court order anytime ? Please help me.