Appartment association illegal

Hi sir, I stay at Miyapur area in Hyderabad in a flat. The association has been in existence for last 4 years from the inception without any rotation or change. Mainly 2 residents have made a point to be the association ever since. They do not want to give up as it is a source of income for them; this is what I feel. Very recently when I asked for a change, the same 2 people with the help of some of their resident friends conducted election & again they declared themselves as winners. So they are continuing as they were. They talk only about issues which are of their importance & due to silence of others all are struggling. Since I had raised the issue of election making it a rotational duty, they are now against me. They are raking in non issues against me to corner eg. pets can't be taken in terrace, car parking etc.There is no audit on maintenance charges of 1200/- collected from every flat .I some how feel that I should stop maintenance charge & water tanker cost because their is no audit & no neutral party to cross check. How can I take it forward ?