Divorce or not, if yes than what to do

After one month of my marriage her sister provoke her and she did the same as her sister said to her, after 2 month all of her family member came to my house and threatened me that they will abort baby, that time she was pregnant and took her with them, after 3 weeks they came to me and said sorry and left her with me, than after two month she tried to commit suicide in front of her mother, after few weeks later she again tried to commit suicide infront of her sibling and relative in my home, however we manage to solve it, than after ten days of baby born her parents and took her with them and they left baby with me, and she filed report in the police station against me that i took baby from her and forced her to go away from my home, we went there and brought her back with some paper work. but after one month she took baby with her and left my home, i gave complaint in police station they called her and her parents in police station and solved the problem, she wants to go her home after every two week, she wants to give big present to her brother on his marriage, which i cant afford, she wants to follow her sister which provoke her on every matter. i have recording of her sister in which she said that slap ur husband ,, use abusive word for ur husband,,, dont do any work ,,, dont respect your in laws,, now she again left my home and living with her parents, please let me know what to do,