My husband is cheating me in all things.

About him anything. Always he told that he is going to prepare for civil services . So I want to be alone. You don't come. I was with my in laws foe one year by moving here and there. Worst life starts here. Then one fine day I came to Bangalore and settled. My in law don't allow me still three years . When my husband came then only I have to eat food. Other wise she will scold me for eating food. She don't allow me to talk to my husband. If I and my hubby talk about any topic she will hear from some where and enter in to our bedroom without knocking the door. Always she will open my cupboard and search things in my dresses. In my bag and in my room. She will enter and open it all. If I ask for privacy. My husband will tell that why you need privacy. What are going to do with privacy. But my in law don't allow me to open their cup board and bureaus. Always keep the key in hidden areas. Always ask me to open the suitcase. Because I will lock. They fight for that to keep open. They took my jewels. Then I have get it recently. Then they buy all the things for home in ullavar santhai and kept in my home. And take my husband's whole salary with them. And told me that you don't go anywhere for buy things. And don't talk to anybody. I said to my in laws "ok". Then so many days i was in house arrest. No food when I am hungry. No snacks. Even they don't allow me to have coffe. No money to buy things. Even one ruppee my husband don't give me still my 7th month of pregnancy. My in laws take all salary of my hubby and gave some money. He also told to take with them. And no expenses here. I was cried in my room every day. Not going anywhere even to my parents home. If I go to my parents home i will ask all the food which I like and ate how much I could. I behaved like a beggar eating a food. And I cried because of my in laws home. Even in my pregnancy time my mother in law don't allow me to sleep and take vitamin tablets. Always sit near to me and wake me up when I lied down. Don't allow me to eat . I had the low b.p. Also. But she refused to tale my lunch. Then I got the drowsiness and fell down and stand and managed somehow and went to bed at least to lie there. But she came there also and ask me to don't sleep. I was cried silently and think of my ealier life in my parents home. They gave me food and snacks. I will always prefer different type of snacks there. But now I am living as beggar in my husband home. My husband always agrees with her mom what she says. Still he told that she was disciplined me.making a pregnancy women to unsleep and without food is a discipline? I don't have that much idea. I was so sad and always I feel to run with tearing the dress at night 3am. Always I waken up at 3am earlier morning and like to run from this hubby's home without their knowledge. Then mentally I was get ill. My life after marriage is searching for food and love and care. Then oneday at that time I was 5th month of pregnancy I told my husband about his mother. He was very angry and push me from the bed. Every day I felt alone in my hubby's home. Then doctor advised to sleep in daytime and eat food as much as you can. And scolded my in law. So she shake the head in front of doctor and did the same in home. I gave a birth to my baby girl one fine evening time. The n my in laws came and take my baby and ask me to come their home. I refused