Marriage issues living alone form 1.8 Years.

Hi Sir, I am Praveen age 26 I loved a girl in 2011 and both of our parents were against us and had lot of fights between our two families since then in 2013 I left to Bangalore for my job and I promised her in spite of our family issues to marry her, later she was not in contact with me for couple of months I was upset and when I came to Hyderabad in 2013 December to meet her I caught her with her other office guy and when I took her mobile I came to know about their long lengthy love affair through her WhatsApp conversations I really felt bad and I cried and I ignored her from that day, I went back to Bangalore and doing my job without in contact with her, after 6 months in June 2014 she and her parents went to police station and filed a cheating case against me on promise of marriage against me U/S 417 and 420. Then my layer applied an anticipatory bail and in the process of AB, the police had came to me and took me to Police station and forcefully convinced me to get married to her due to that pressure I nodded and next to police station there was a church on the same hour the police people and there parents and there area leaders did our marriage on 30 Aug 2014. After marriage we went back to police station and she has given a compromise written letter to police about the case she filed. Next day I took her to Bangalore I was made myself positive about what happened to live happy together within one week when I left to office without my notice she came back to Hyderabad alone and she complained to the police that I was torturing her. Then police called me to come to Hyderabad then I came to Hyderabad again police people gave counselling to us to get compromised. Again I compromised and I was in her house for 2 days, Again when I saw her WhatsApp she was in contact with that guy and she was not good with me so when i tried to explain the same to her parents they beat me badly and they complained on me saying I was beating her in her house. Since then till now its 1.8 years she is staying in her house without in contact with me I tried calling her and her parents and sent many messages but they have not responded, the problem is still my case filed before marriage is continuing every month I am going to court she is not in contact. I am afraid to go to her house and talk I don't know what to do whether I need to wait patiently or don't know what to do regarding my on going case and how to approach to a better solution. I have couple of issues to clarify about: 1. My wife did not filed any DV case against me after marriage, the only case running is the case filed before my marriage (June 2014) was under section 420 and 417 as cheating on promising of marriage for which I am out on AB and attending the court regularly and they are not even bothered about that running case. Is it possible to close/dismiss that case? 2. Do I need to still wait on the running case and not to be in contact with her? Is it correct what I am doing or do I need to take some necessary steps now? 3. As her father works as police constable they have lot of support from police and political leaders so they are very arrogant they are threatening my parents and relative and saying they will come to court when I visit the court for attendance and they will beat me and go to T.V media and inform about me to damage my family in society. How should I handle this? 4. If they are not willing to settle the issue with divorce and If she files any case (DV/498a) against me in future how should I respond to it? If they won’t agree for divorce is it possible to file a divorce after 2 years of marriage? what is the process? Please suggest. Thanks A Ton, Praveen