Regarding plot

Namasthe, this is srinivas from vizianagaram. We have purchased a plot in the name of my mother in the year 2006. Yearly once we are visitng the site. In the year 2014 when we went there for planning construction, the site was very neat and cleaned all bushes etc. and noticed that the total site where the plots were saled belongs to another person and the same was confirmed by him. we approached the seller of plots and informed the same, he said some where mistake was happened. we approached the concerned mro for site recognition, after 1 year continuous touch with him at last we find the site little bit distance to the sold site to us. But the site where we find belongs to another person where his father was tranferred to him in 1980's. He shown us only pattadar passbook. atlast we were came to know that we were cheated. and known to us that there are "BAADA PERSONS" in this issue. when we approached one of the cheated persons, he said that if u go to court, u will not achieve nothing, it takes years to win. he is that much confident. when we talk the same issue with the remaining purchases, nobody is coming forward to proceed legally. they are in a confident that nobody can do nothing for them. we should not leave them, We hope that there is some solution for this type of problems. sir, pl. suggest us a solution for this or the way we have to proceed to get early result, and help the people like us. sir pl. Thanking you sir