Suggestion Require

Dear Sir, With due regards and humble submission, I am placing the following for your value suggestion 1. That, I am a widow living alone in the village Biranarshinghpur of Puri district in the ancestral property of my deceased husband. My only son stays outside in connection with his employment. 2. That the parents of my deceased husband had left some properties comprising of agricultural and other lands in the village, which was to be partitioned among my husband and his other three brothers & two sister. While my husband was being treated for Heart Attack at Bhubaneswar, his brothers taking advantage of his absence, and using their official connections, partitioned the property illegally on 20.10.2005 and got it recorded in their name. 3. That this highhanded action was challenge before the Dy. Director Consolidation vide case no 18/2006 and on 03.02.2015 the honorable court of the Dy. Director Consolidation set aside the order of lower court Dt.20/10/2005. Another civil suit is also pending. And The Civil Court has also granted status quo in respect of the properties. & directed the local IIC to refrain the opsparties from changing the nature and character of the property in any manner for implimation of status quo order. However, some of the brothers have perhaps disposed off portions of their share to outsiders violating the court order as well as ignoring my right of preemption under Hindu Law. 4. Now the purchasers are illegally trespassed to my land demolished an existing boundary and also have filled earth on the land, damaging the nature of the land. When they were asked not to do such things, they threatened of dire consequences. This matter was brought to the notice of the local police authorities. However, unfortunately the local police authorities seem apathetic and try to sidetrack the violations on the pretext of civil issues. 5. Matter was escalated up to the superintendent, despite of his order police is not doing aything. Kindly suggest what shall i do ? Regards Santilata Mishra 9861265006