Child visitation rights and streedhan

My husband was having affair before marriage and continued to do so even after. He did not come close to me. He took the help of my mother in law to keep me away. She did not let me get close to him at all. After an year of marriage I went abroad where he was on a project f and got some closure and became pregnant. He did not want the child and forced me to abort. I refused and he threw me out of his house. I am with my parents ever since. I decided to give birth and raise my child. From almost 2 years he stopped giving any money. Now and then he calls us for holidays but does not allow us to live with him and continues to be with that girl. Now he along with the girls family are pressurizing me to give divorce or accept the girl as his wife. After 7 years of torture from my husband I have decided to take legal help. I have filed a DV. I have not asked for anything from him but i dont want him to visit us or my child until he goes to de addiction or leaves the girl completely. Kindly advice.