Miss used of 498a (After 15 years of Marrige)

Dear all, A charge sheet has been filed in FIR (498a,497,323,506(2),as per 114) as on dated 11.06.2015 that was registered against me and my father, brother he’s wife and my widow sister (she live in Baroda from last 10 years) It is a false case miss used of 498. During last 15 years, I haven’t taking any amount of my wife’s salary for home expense; even though she is blaming me for the same I have all evidence for 498a. Second FIR filed (504,506(2), as per 114) as on dated 25.06.2015. She alleged that they (I, my father and brother) came to kill me with a knife on 09.06.2015 at 11.00am in GNFC school compound -Bharuch-Gujarat. That day (09.06.2015) I was in my office from 9.00 to 17.30, I have send-received mail copy and present certificate from HR dept. Do not mention above incident (GNFC School) in first FIR dated 11.06.2015 We are all simple and down to earth this problem is first of our life what should we do? My marriage date: 10.12.2000 My wife: Nurse (Govt. of Guj) My Father –in-law: Retd. PSI from Bharuch (Govt. of Guj) Mahesh Chavda Bharuch-Gujarat