498a, DV and sec 3, 4 on me n family. Section 354 on my brother

I have married 2.5 years back. we were together for 1 year. We were lived separately from my family. after one year due to some family issue she left from my house. Since then me and my wife are staying separately.(from the last 1.5 years) I tried many times to bring back her. but her parents did not allow me to speak and get back her. Now she filed 498a, DV and section 3, 4 on me and my family. Also She filed section 354 on my brother. Initially they spread rumor that I am impotent, when I gave a strong reply they stopped that. Now My Wife, wife's mother and brother was spreading a rumor that I have an affair with my own sister. We have audio recording evidence for that. I have below questions. What counter cases I/my sister can file with above recording evidence. She never stayed with my family. how can I exclude my family from the case. How to get my brother out from section 354 case Do I have any issue If she want to comeback and If I wont accept as she failed false case. If she want to return back, and I accept,.. what all the precautions I need to take care to avoid future false case filing. Can I say that, I cannot take back her until the case is closed. Thanks vij