Abusive father

Hi. My family of parents and 2 brothers including me elder, younger sister. My father is turning abusive and at times violent on my mother and sister. Me and brother working abroad since last 10 years. Before we started earning my father had one room in mumbai and one house in village which has his brothers share also. Once we started earning we used to send money to father and he would buy house and plots and register under his name only. From childhood he was a short tempered hot head person. Till our education he was very hard working and caring. His demand always is that everything should be done with his approval. He wants to rule at any cost. My mother tolerated his torture till this many years. Now he started abusing my major sister. Thats when me and my brother started going against him so he is threatening he would throw us out and he will not give us anything. Which we have earned also sadly now its under his name. To take his control he wants my sister to study something which she does not like to. Simply he wants her to be a failure because she started to oppose him. Kindly advice me. I want to take legal action against him. Sometime i think to leave him alone but knowing him he will threaten relatives also who will help us.