Wife not ready to stay with me

Sir I am a muslim guy my wife belongs to delhi and i belong to bihar our marriage held in nov 2014 (according to muslim marriage rules) and from the first night my wife started behaving annoyingly and didnt allow the marriage to consummated. After 2 days we went to delhi her house and things started worsen as she started ignoring me and never came to me after lot of hue and cry we came to my house(bihar) but she started saying to everyone that she dislikes me and was against marriage and want to go back home but their parents was not ready to take her back after lots of pressure from my relatives she told that she will stay but after 3 months of stay in my house she concieved and we mutually decided not to keep baby as her brother's wedding was ahead and we didnt want child at that moment, so after 4 months of our marriage she went home and stayed there for 3 months without my will.Then after forcing she came and she treated very badly with me and my mother and forced us to book a ticket for her to Delhi although she went her home alongwith her maternal uncle who lives in bihar itself and after that its been a year she never returned when we call her father says they will come but none of them came nor they call us we called several times but no use as her mother and my wife says that I am not good she wont stay with me and keeps saying that I have given medicine unwillingly to her daughter and she had to undergo abortion.Now please guide me what to do for divorce as at my home nobody is there to do households and i am feeling feeling very sad and dissapointed. I want to remarry please provide me for proper guideline. Thanks