Resign from the company without get my last month salary

Hello Sir, I worked in a F&B company for last 2 Months as a BD Executive, 2/5/16 of this month I got a E-Mail from Hr that In term of conditions of your appointment, the management has decided to terminate your services on disciplinary grounds with immediate effect. You are advised to handover the following company assets/documents to the HR department. Prior to this issue they not even give any notice to me. even in my offer letter is is clearly mention that with out 1 month notice no one will be terminated to you with this job, When i ask the HR manager & Director of the company regarding this issue they simply ignore, I ask them to when i received my last month salary and my PF money they have told me that you will receive your all dues within a 5/05/2016,but till now they have not clear my dues. Recently the HR Manager call me and said that please submit your all accessories immediately or we sue against you and we spoil your whole future as a threaten voice..When i ask for all my dues they have not answer and cut the phone.. Sir please help me and suggest me that what can i do now???? As i have belong to very poor family i need my monthly salary, but they simply ignoring me