Ecs returned without my mistake

Dear Sir / Ma'm, I have taken a home loan from HDFC in Oct'13 and paying the EMI through ECS from IDBI bank. In Feb'15, I got a mail from HDFC that my ECS got returned from IDBI stating the reason as "account closed" but my account is very much active and I'm using it regularly. Since, then I'm following up with both IDBI & HDFC through mails for resolving the issue. IDBI is telling that HDFC has sumitted wrong details and HDFC is telling that if we have given wrong details IDBI has to mention the reason as "wrong details" but they have mentioned "account closed". When I questioned the same to IDBI, they stopped replying to me. Then, I approached III tier grievance addressal system of IDBI but the issue is not resolved. I had to approach IDBI bank personally and they have given in writing that the account details mentioned by HDFC were wrong so they have returned the ECS. I submitted a letter alongwith the letter from IDBI to HDFC on 28th Apr'16. They said that the issue will be resolved by 4th May'16 but till now it is not done. Everytime, I call them they give some excuses like they have to get information from Chennai, systems are not working, software update is going on. Instead of resolving the issue, they are sending mails to my e-mail, letters to my home, calls to my dad's number to pay the money. Since last 4months, I'm deprived of my sleep. Why I should go the bank and make a DD for the EMI alongwith additional interest and incidental charges , when there is no mistake of mine. Because of their mistake, my CRISIL is affected and in future it will definitely hinder my chances of taking a loan from any of the banks. Please kindly advice whether I take any legal action against these banks for giving me so much of mental tension, affecting my CRISIL score and wasting my time. With thanks & regards, Surya Prakash, [deleted] / [deleted]