Torture by my wife and her family

Hello Sir/Madam i got married on 26 may 2013, it is arranged marriage. from that day to this day i am facing mental torture from my wife. she want to do what her parents and relatives think and tell. small simple things she makes it big issue and for this i talked to her parents and relatives, and they also torture by saying we will get you in jail and we will give dowry case complaint you and your parents will be in jail. she dont care for my parents and me she use bad words on me and my parents. my parents are patients. after 1 year of marriage i sent notice to her but nothing changed till now and we have one child, even now am facing mental torture from her and her parents, we cant leave to geather. while i was working in bangalore, she will be calling my collage and will be using bad words and msging them. and my friends also got torture from her, for that i left my company and i am not interested to work, bcs of this mental torture, now i seriously want to file the case in court. can you please suggest what to do now. regards suresh kumar