Case 61142 Fiza Islam ans 28 others high court allahabad

Hello sir my question is that this particular case we filed in november and ithis case we have arranged the renowned advocate-duo Ashoke khare and VK singh to hadle this case but in starting all was fine and we were very close to get an order but i don't know what did happen to advocate they are not requesting to court for stay or an order when respodent are not coming with legal counter..everytime respodent come with an excuses but our lawyers are not taking this this in good way for case and they are taking date date and date.. in march our case was unlisted but now it been turned to listed and court room is chnged now too. when i asked why so then they are not giving us satisfactory answer. now it's a time do or die for us. each and every thing has been cpvered in RTI. i have submitted 11 RTIs against SIKSHA SACHIV UP but now our lawyer is nowmaking us fool . he told us the budget would be around 80000 but now its gone 1.5lks + so my question is: 1> can we chnge the lawyer if yes then how? 2> can we apply same case in lucknow single bench?how and why not? 3> your suggestion? 4>how can i make our listed case unlisted again?