Non payment of car sale value by car dealer

Hi, As I was relocating from Bangalore to Mumbai, I have handed over my car to a Car dealer for sale in Apr 16. He told me that I need to park my car at his shop so that he can quickly find a buyer. Post this I had to travel to US for short business trip & during this period he has finalized a deal with new buyer with my consent. After returning from US, he asked me to submit all original documents as the new owner wanted to go for car loan and he agreed to pay me balance amount as soon as loan gets sanctioned. Car price was decided at 3.1 lakh & he paid me 46000 at time of handing over documents. This payment was done in cheque which got encashed in weeks time. Last week of Apr 16, I moved to Mumbai and I was continuously checking with dealer for remaining payment. He kept promising that he will do RTGS transfer for remaining amount in couple of days, but now this has become regular story. Recently he has stopped taking my calls & blocked my number. I don't think he has any intent of returning my 2,64,000. I have all sales bill, car handover challan, scan copy of advance cheque and transcript of all our chats and SMS where he kept saying that he will transfer money. Please suggest what's the best way to recover my money. I won't be able to visit frequently to Bangalore for all this police or legal matters & hence please suggest a way where I can manage things from Mumbai or manage it through some representative in Bangalore. Note: While looking for some more details about this dealer on net, I found online complaints and posts made by few other victims who has been cheated by him. Not sure whether that will help to prove that this guy is repeat offender and can help me to put up a strong case against him. More than my money, I want to teach a serious lesson to this guy so that he will not do similar cheating with others.