Personal Loan

Good evening Everyone, Require your insights regarding personal loan repayment. I am salaried person working with a private firm and apparently due to some requirement i had to opt for personal loan from two different private banker. For 2 years I was able to make the payment on time, but due to some unforseen circumstances at my place where in my father had to underwent a bypass surgery, i lost all of my savings and all of jewellery that the family possessed over the period of time to meet with the medical expenses for my father. Now due to this i am finding it difficult to cope up with the monthly payement for EMI with both the banks and for the last eight month i am making arrangement from here and there to make the payement of my monthly emi which has indebted in more grave manner. Now i have come to a point where in i can make no arrangement to make the payement of the monthly EMI. This was informed to be by someone that we have an option to extend are loan settlement period under certain special circumstances and also depending upon the approval for the bank. I intend to make the payement for the money which was taken by me, but would require little bit of waiver in the form of time so that in the mean time i can clear the debt that i have with private lenders Seeking your insights with this matter only, what are the option that are available to me which i can opt for. Because this daily phonecalls from different month and monthly visit by recovery agent creating quite stress mentally for me. Would request you to share you insights for the same. Thanks AT