Academic Institute yearly break

I am a lecturer working with a state private university since 3 years. According to our university norms, every year a break/vacation is given during the month on may-june for a duration of 2-3 weeks for all the faculties. But this vacation is always conditional, some faculty may have to come for a few days for paper assessment or admission duty. Even for admission duty every responsibility is given to the faculties and some of them actually spend the whole vacation here. They are never given credit for it. Now this year the university has decided not to give any vacation break at all to the faculties. Means no summer vacation with kids for lecturers? This they are doing on the pretense of faculty developement and more so for NAAC accrediation which is what i have heard. My question is, does the university have any right to forbid yearly break for the employees completely? Is it legal not to give any vacation at all to the faculties? The number of holidays we get in the whole year is hardly 10-12 days plus 1 week of diwali vacation. I am not happy with this as I want to spend time with my family and kids and not sit here as if my life if for the university and not my family. Can I take any legal action against the university? I want to take a leave of 15 days but what if they deny it? Also this leave will be leave without pay. Please help me to take an action.