Hi All , I'm Shamli Sharma from Jammu . I want suggestions on a one case happened to my cousin. In the month of February my brother and sister came to Delhi in search of job . They found a job over the internet (consultancy but not showed over the website) Vodafone front officer required . My brother called up that person(Ajay) . He asked him to visit at his office. The moment they visit he asked interview questions . Later on he selected my bother for the Job and asked him to visit the office of Vodafone which is in Sec 63 for joining . After saying this , Ajay asked him to deposit INR 3500(3000 for Uniform which is refundable and 500 for grooming training Non-refundable ). My brother deposited that money to him as he was in need of Job . Next day he told to my brother that job is no more available for as he cannot speak english . He can give him job in other company with salary of around 6000 . My brother denied and asked him to give entire amount back. He denied . After so many arguments he asked him to sent an email to his Hr Team and he is going to transfer the money of INR 1350 which he has charged the very first time from him . For the rest of the money we need to forward an email to his Hr . We did that. He transferred the money of 1350 to account . but for the rest of money he always averted by saying will give it tomorrow day after tomorrow . Its been 3 months now . I spoke to that guy yesterday for the money and he denied . I said him that I'm going to police station for this frogery. Then he said he will told to the police that my brother has taken money from him of 1350. He met him while travelling train . Now he is calling us to get his money back. He also informed that his company is shutdown we can't do anything. Proof we have is 1.Screenshot of his contact detail which was mentioned over the website for job. 2.Email drop to his Hr team with his name. 3. We have contact numbers of his company. Please give me your precious sugesstions as I'm in need of it.