Legal protection

Hello, I stay oversea and my in-laws stay in india. They keep visiting us here. I m married for almost 10 years now. But my in-laws and Bil interference doesn't stop.My husband always use to agree with them even if he knows they are wrong. But from last year he started taking stand for me. My inlaws have financial control over my husband income.As he runs his own business in partnership with his brother. My husband has also got a medicial condition from last 2 years where his capacity of working is low.though he works but he doesn't get paid for it. so I take care of all the household expense. I visited my parents house with my 7 yrs old son where we celebrated his birthday. when i came back after 2 days. they created a drama saying that u insulted us by not taking permission to do party didnt invite us. at tht moment my inlaws were at my place taking care of my husband when i came to india, and we landing up in argument. where my fil asked to give all the money to him, taunting me that you have enough money saved,and was trying to be physically violent. as he was oversea he didn't hit me as he new he will fall in immgration matter. they went back india in between they harassed by parents through phone call. after few day my fil cam back n toook my husband to india saying that he is going to get the treatment there. Now he is trying to emotional blackmail and wants me and my son to come to india where the fact i know he wants to take revenge.He is a lawyer himself. Cant tell all the bit n pieces ,but in betwwen he kept harrassing my husband to bring me to meet him and ask sorry etc. he indirectly has told my parent n relative that he wants to get the matter sorted, and she can stay in the house only if she listen to me and stay they way we want her to. (which in his tone mean he wants a revenge). I m at the moment concerned about my husband health he is in the hosiptal in india. I know if i come to india he will beat me and will trap me in a fake case.Can you please let me know if there is any law for protection for me n amy son when we visit india to see my husband. Basic thing me and my husband dot want to get seperated.