Threatening of dire consequences

Hi, I am a working male of 33 unmarried and living in Gurgaon, I helped a lady whom i knew since a couple of years and rescued her from domestic violence from her husband and in laws though her husband was my friend, my relationship with the girl is like a brother and sister and i maintain the same relationship with her and stay with her and her parents as their son and brother respectively as my parents are dead and i have no other sibling and think them as my family though not related to blood but to heart. I had filed a domestic violence case against her husband and the case is on the court since 11 months and now planning to file for divorce but now her husband is threatening her and me that he is going to kill me or hurt me by sending goons behind me, i work in the night shifts in a US based company and he knows my office address and phone number and had recently enquired my timing from the office..can someone suggest me what should i do to avoid all this and keep myself safe as he is local to Gurgaon (Gujjar by caste)and has a big family here and also knows people in the police stations in and around my area so please help and guide me what should i do, your help would be highly appreciated..please please.