Property Distribution among a bit complex Family members

Hi Ajay/Kalaiselvan/Ashish sir, Good Evening.! I am buying property but I am facing issue while deciding on which name I should register the property so that it should not cause any property distribution issue in future. Actually My Father was already married in 1970s and then he was facing severe physical issue with her so he remarried with my mother without divorcing his first wife i.e my step mother. my mother is his second marriage. we are total 6 brothers & 2 sisters out of which 2 brothers & 2 sisters are from my father's first marriage and 4 brothers are from his second marriage. Right now we are living separately and both the family are growing steadily. I am from my second marriage and trying to buy some property but I am confused on whose name I should buy this property. Actually I don't buy the property on my name. Although I am buying property on my own but I want all four brothers from my fathers' second marriage to be part of in the property. so here my problem comes... 1.) If I register the property on my father's name then we all 8 siblings will be eligible to acquire our part in that property. so I am not going to buy property on my father's name. 2.) If I register the property on my mother(i.e second wife) then will my step siblings get any share in that..? can they claim in the property which is on my mother's name..? my mother is from second marriage. Kindly suggest on the above issue.. I know that the second marriage is illegal if first wife is still present. actually my father did his second marriage in 1984. And we all have been living altogether since then..we shared the same home since our birth, same plates to eat, studied together, no major tension and all, but since my step brother doesn't behave with my father well so I want not to include them in my newly buying property. Request you to please give you advice. Thanks & Regards, Manoranjan Kumar