House and child custody

Hello, My husband has deserted me last year 2014 Oct and also taken away my 9yrs old daughter & brain washed her that she doesnt need her mo n I am not her mother. I have filed a RCR last April 2015 and order to meet my daughter (now 10yrs) in court children complex has been passed as she is not ready to meet me n call me her mother. My husband is harassing me by asking me to file for a divorce and leave the house presently wher I reside (we bought the house in joint name in 2012 but my husband is paying the EMIs, as I was a house wife after marriage, nut now after all this he forced me to start working). My query is what will happen evenif I win RCR, I cant force both of them to stay with me. My husband can n will file for a divorce after a year. Will I get custody of my daughter or at least access coz I want her to be with her father as well with me. And I dont want to leave my house and be a burden to my father/brother. Can I get the house and ask no maintenance n then let him go for divorce? he has made my life hell. tried making me a handicap being a house wife and now he has an extra-marital affair n now deserted me for no reason. Just putting in papers that I tortured him. I really dont know he is troubling me n also taken away my child from me n residing at his mother's home. Please assist me will I get justice and how? My shelter is the biggest tension I cant be staying on rentals y should I pay for his sins? Can I get the house loan-free on my name so that later in life whne my daughter learns about the truth she will come back to me... Thank you for your valuable time and please guide me. Thank you once again.