Bail process for 498a charges.

Hi, I got married in court in Bangalore through registered marriage. I am in USA now and my wife left me here and left to india due to some disputes and filed a 498a case in Bhilai chattishgarh. The FIR was filed against me and my parents. My parents were in india and they manage to escape arrest and got anticipatory bail. I have not got anticipatory bail yet, its 3 and half months now since the FIR was registered. My lawyer is delaying and making new reason every time for delaying the process, While my wife is doing allot of damages to my personal financial and social image , through getting printed false story in newspaper, Circulating false news in social media and sending letters through police authority to my current employer. I cant explain all this here. I am really suffering allot because of this. I am still waiting in US to get bail in india first before i move to contest in indian court. Now there is a threat that i heard that she is preparing to send a request to Indian consulate in USA to bring me back to India to face prosecution as arrest warrant is still valid without me getting bail. My bail application in session court was rejected and now we are planning to move to High court. My lawyer is telling that my bail application was rejected because it was not notarized in india or through Indian consulate embassy in USA. The initial bail application i sent was notarized from a public certified notary in USA, which my lawyer says its invalid in India. Is it true? The state where i live in USA do not have any indian Embassy. So i have to travel to another state to get the bail application notarized in Indian consulate embassy in USA. My lawyer is suggesting me to come to india silently without informing any one and sign the bail application, this is leading me to some suspicion that there is some issues with my lawyer, might be influenced by my in-laws because they are rich and powerful. So the questions i have are : 1. Is it mandatory to get a bail application notarized in India or notarized through Indian embassy consulate if outside india ? 2. Is it true it require a month of time to the dates for Anticipatory bail in small town like bhilai, chattisharh? 3. With the FIR of 498a and active arrest warrant, how can i stop my wife from harassing me or defaming me publicly and in work place, ? 4. Is there any possibility that Indian police authority can send letter to consulate for my extradition to india? 5. With just a FIR of 498a , will the immigration or consulate can be informed to take action or inform police authority for my arrival or departure to or from India. How serious this 498a is taken if someone compliant to immigration or indian consulates? and Finally i need a very good lawyer to contest my case in bilaspur high court chattishgarh, any contact will be highly appreciated. Thank you in advance for answering my quires.