Feeling unsecured because of in laws

Hello sir/madam, I am very much worried for my daughter who is just 17 months old. Ours is love come arrange marriage. We are going to complete three years of marriage in few days and we know each other from last seven years. We both love each other and I love my baby more than anything. The problem is this is my second marriage. I had gone through bad marriage earlier then I was only 19 years old. My husband his family members know everything about it. Still my husband loves me like anything. His parents and his elder brother who is married were not ready earlier. But my husband convinced them and they said yes to marriage. My in laws were very happy with me after few days of marriage only. They did not allowed me to enter their home so I started staying with husband in another state where he is working. Later my mother in law and father in law gave permission me to enter home like when we are on vacation of weekends etc. But my husband's elder brother creating problem every now and then. He and his wife are only not talking with us since our marriage rather they were present in our marriage. My brother in law troubling my in laws and forcing to break relationship with us. Sue to his influence many times in laws are harassing my husband. Talking very negative about me and blaming him for everything. I am only worried for my daughter as she is so small. Manytimes I feel like when my daughter will grow up then my in laws will may try to kill me as then my daughter can manage without mommy. But I want to live for my baby I know she can't live without me she needs me every now and then. I can't stop worrying about my baby. I can't leave my husband as I love him. I don't want to ruin our marriage due to in laws. Just help me how can I make my life secure. Like is their any law where I can get my life secured for my baby. Or if they kill me any way then my in laws and brother in law should get punished. I many times feel like they will may mix poison in my food they can do anything. Please help me sir what can be done. I only want my baby should not have to live life without a mommy. I want to be with her every time. How to protect her from getting into in laws hands. If they will kill me then they will only claim right over my baby. I don't trust them at all. Please help.