Can I take any legal action against the company for notpaying sal

Dear Sir, I was working with a leading travel agency in Thiruvalla as sales officer. As sales officer I visited small agents and bring business from them. For that I collected KYC form duly signed and other details like I'd card and pancard from them. After getting approval from the manager I sent it to Cochin office. They checked it and made the agent as a sub agent of the company. The company is usually giving 7 days credit to their sub agents. The ticketing staff issued tickets for them and sent to them after getting confirmation from them through mail. One of our sub agent did not pay an amount of 65000 for the tickets issued to him. I followed him many times. Then he gave a cheque in the name of the company. But it was not cleared due to insufficient balance in his account. I visited many times his office for getting money. Then he gave assurance to the company in writing on a 50 rupees stamp paper that he will pay the money and took all the responsibility of the money. He clearly requested the company to avoid me from this case and not to take any actions against me. I handed over that stamp paper to the company. Then I got a job offer from Saudi and resigned from the company. After resignation also I followed him for the money. Then I gave a petition to the police station. The company official also came to police station when we were asked to come to the police station. The sub agent requested the company official also to avoid me from this case. Then the company official told me that he will take the responsibility of it and collect money from the sub agent. Now the company is not giving my pending salary for 1 month and 24 days. Total salary will come around 40000. They are telling that you will get salary only after getting money from the sub agent. I asked the company official and branch manager to file a case against the sub-agent in the name of the company since he has to pay the money to the company. But till today they did not.They put all responsibility on my shoulder. Can I give a complaint against the company? Now I am in Saudi. Please help me in this regard.