Wife left me, what next now

We had a combo job as Dr. In reputed hospital, i negotiated with less sallary, in spite of my wife sallary more,wife quaralled with me, as she has infertility problem, if she miss carry, she fights with me for some x y z problems silly, & looses my mental peace. Now she left the job, in spite of me requesting her to stay back, called her parents & left me alone,. Later i too lost my job, & now i am job less, but she has her job with atractive salary in reputed hospital presently. Later few months, now she & her parents threatening through a lawyer to me to make a call, other wise she will give me divorce, i told my home is open for her she can come any time, but she is telling that i should stay in her house & i should berge back, make a request call to her, & should do all that what i dont want to do, what precautation i should take through law, i am looking after my old parents, i am getting mentaly disturbed, no job, no maternal happy life. Feeling sufocated, and one more thing i would like to tell, that we both went for counciling. Which all false alligeations were put on me as i use her even on her menstural days/ which was totaly false. What precautations i have to take with such people withlaw. Where nither my salary is low compare to my wife. What ishould do. Help me out.