Dispute with husband for not paying bills for child treatment

Me and my husband having an abusive relationship from last six years from the month I got married to him. Right now, my child is suffering from Blood cancer and he is not ready to pay, saying that you went to dad place. I went because he slapped me infront of KEM hospital, I do have a NC against him and as well as his mother. We have a flat in naigaon, where I am a co-applicant of the flat. He still haven't payment anything, even after agreeing to pay 50% infront of Shena organization as well as not giving me keys of the naigaon flat to stay with the child. As my child school, my job everything is there. He is telling right now to ask my dad to apologize to taking me and my baby after he slapped me, which happened at 1st of April. And plus, he is saying that he will rent a place in Dadar and make me and my child stay there. I am scared of him and his family, I have in record that he had told my sister that he will best me everyday. And he have tried to chocked me infront of my child twice and best me n no. Of times. I just can't stay with him anymore. I want to get separate from him. But I want all my right, that is right in the naigaon flat, monthly expenses for my child, as I won't be able to work for minimum of one year, as I have to take uttermost care of the baby and his schooling as well. And I want him to pay the bills, which I am paying right now, by taking loans from relative. Please advice me, what best can be done and how I get my right and as well as protection from my husband.