Charges levied on Club and Recreational Facilities

Hello Everyone, I am a resident of Forum Pravesh Apartment in howrah, Kolkata. During the purchase of flat, an amount (Rs 50,000) was taken from every owner in terms of development and usage of recreational facility (Club, swimming pool, gym etc) however now every month a charge of Rs 500 (per person) is levied those who are using swimming pool and Gym. There is an additional charge of Rs 7000 +Rs 4000 is levied those who would be using the community hall and common space for parties or personal occasions, electricity and cleaning charges are extra. Needless to say that we are paying the maintenance amount above all. There were 2 things written on the deed that was given against the recreational facility. 1. The buyer shall be liable and has agreed to make payment of sum of Rs 50000 to developer/seller towards development and for utilizing the recreational facility. 2. The buyer shall be entitled to avail the said recreational facility after delivery of possession of the said flat upon payment of user charges which will be fixed by holding organization and until formation of such holding organization and the buyer shall abide or bound by the terms and conditions of the users as may be applicable to all flat owners. Now my question, we do not have the association formed yet and the holding organization is still with the marketing company (Pioneer group) of the Apartment and the above 2 points are contradicting each other. Kindly advise how and on which base I should protest on the Charges being levied on each flat owners.