Help me

Hello Sir, I am master graduate from abroad. after seeing my profile in online matrimonial, my husband's family wanted me to see in person. So i came to India by February 2015. on the same day i came from abroad my in-laws came to see me at my home for the first time. then within ten days my husband came and he said ok for marriage. So we got engaged by first week of march and the marriage date was fixed for June 2015. As my husband works in Usa, he and his family pre-planned and made me and my parents to accept for register marriage by reasoning that visa purpose they need marriage certificate, my husband wont get long leave during marriage ceremony and since he will be leaving to usa within a week after engagement. So we did register marriage by march. Later in a week my husband alone left to USA. After a week, he reached to USA he demanded dowry of 50 lakhs or audi q7 and asked me to give as cash to his uncle. But i replied dowry before marriage is not possible so please get it after marriage. But my husband threatened me so many times that he wont come for marriage ceremony fixed on June. As i couldnt handle the stress i have informed my mother alone regarding this and she tried speaking with my husband , but he replied same to my mother also that he wont come if 50lakhs is not given to his uncle. Since the engagement ceremony was conducted and marriage date was fixed infront of my relatives, my mother felt sick (mental stress) thinking that it would be guilty for the family and she was hospitalized. As we didnt give money the marriage didnt happen in june as per my husband words. during those days i have been harassed mentally by my husband with his bad words on me and my family. When my mother was in hospital, my mother inlaw visited us many times and took me alone and asked to give 25lakhs and she said she will arrange her son to come to india for marriage. after my mother was discharged, my mother in law came home and asked for 5 lakhs to me, as she threatened me that her son already cancelled the engagement of other girl who they saw previously because of dowry, no other way i got 2 lakhs from my father and gave her. then she told me to get ready with rest of the amount within 4 months and she will arrange for marriage. My mother in law. my husband's uncle and aunt came home this February and asked to arrange for marriage this April and to give the dowry cash (audi q7 car equivalent cash)in the marriage hall in front of relatives. my parents accepted to give. but only at this time my father came to know about the dowry demand by my husband family. so to arrange for my marriage my parents booked a marriage hall close to my area. From last year till now my husband and his younger sister were compelling me to do nose surgery before marriage and threatened me this will also lead to cancellation of marriage if i dont do a nose surgery. so in order to conduct the marriage me and my parents went to Bangalore because of their compulsion to do in Bangalore and with particular doctor. After we came from Bangalore, my husband's uncle asked my father to cancel the marriage hall as my husband and his sister didnt like the hall and asked us to book a hotel. My parents and my husband's uncle went to look for reception hall and asked him that after asking my wish they will book it next day. at the same time his uncle asked for advance cash from dowry. as my parents told they will give it on marriage hall he got angry and left the place. next day me and my parents went to other city by flight for my USA dependent visa purpose. We planned to book the reception hall while going to airport but the cab booked by husband havent reached on time it got late so we went to airport directly. after reaching the city, i tried calling my mother in law, my husband's uncle and aunt but no body picked the call and replied in sms and they removed me from their whatsapp family group. Then the next day early morning 1.00am my husband contacted me in phone from USA and started threatening me not to goto visa interview as we didnot give advance cash dowry to his uncle and to cancel the marriage. He used vulgar words scolding me and my parents for 35minutes. (audio recording evidence is there with me) Sir, I have lodged complaint against my husband and his family members in my city after attending visa interview. the police has filed only CSR and the case is now under social welfare officer. the officer didnt take any steps to arrange my husband to come to india for investigation so myself wrote a letter to India consulate, USA and they helped me. for the third investigation only my husband came and till now his sister not attended any investigation. during third investigation, social welfare officer supported my husband and she was investigating me alone and she compelled me to write a letter stating that i wish to get divorce alone and this is not dowry problem. I didnt give a letter and I'm not believing her judgement as she supports completely to my husband family. my husband cheated me by compelling me for register marriage just for visa purpose and he has only initiated the visa processing after 8 months of register marriage and after i gave 2 lakhs to his mother. Sir, till now me and my parents have been mentally stressed and tortured by my husband and his family members. I've lost my good life and career because of my husband and his family members. I want him to punish and should prevail him to going to USA and i need a divorce from him. please help me and suggest me what i can do next.