Fake / Forged Certificates - Course of Action

Hello, I'm in a trivial situation and need legal assistance on how I can deal with my issue. I have been pursued by a man who is a family friend. He has given me 3 certificates on my birthday. All of fake and forged. I currently am in possession of these alleged certificates. They are supposedly from 'The universal Star Registry', 'The Universal Time Registry' and 'The Dalai Lama'. I've proof that they're unautentic, they've a lot of spelling and formatting errors, have a different layout from the authorized certificates and one of them mentions his name as well. Is this a punishable offense? Also, I received a package from a fake unknown sender to my official address. When I opened it, I see that I was sent 100grms of Marijuana. I tried to file a complain with the police by dialing 100 but nobody answered three of my calls that day. I'm currently in possession of the package, along with the receipts and labels intact. My aunt confided in this man regarding the incident and after a very short period of time he gives us information stating that somebody has reported at least 7-10 times at the police station that I am in possession of marijuana which is illegal in India and can be sentenced to a fine or improsionment as per the law. He additionally also advised me to burn the marijuana and destroy it to protect myself. Its at this point that I realised I could possibly be framed by the same man because he seemed to have far more details about it than we did, despite extensive inquiries and offered advice on getting rid of the package which will just worsen the situation. I'll report the marijuana to the police and I know that the investigation will be a timetaking process. However, he has become an increasing threat to my family. I'm afraid of what he's going to do next. Please tell me how I can get this guy in jail in terms of cheating and Forging the certificates, providing false information and misguiding me?