Can I file a divorce to a emotionally abusing husband?

Hello Sir, I have been married since three and half years. Since very first day of our marriage or even before that my husband is emotionally abusing me. My parents are not as wealthy as my husband is. During initial days of marriage he was abusing me and my parents for money(indirectly for dowry). He has also beaten me and physically abused me. He is not allowing me to meet my parents and always fights with me when I want to meet my parents(twice or thrice in a year I have met my parents in last three and half years for one to two days maximum). He makes me spend all my salary on household and other expenses making me economically insecure. He is very controlling husband. He always says to me that I don't have any other place than his house to live so you have to follow my orders. I am very depressed with all these harassment. Sometimes I feel I will lost my mental and emotional stability. I want to come out of this. Can I get a divorce on this basis? I just want to make me free from all these. I don't want anything from him. Kindly help me Sir. Thanks.