Welfare activities on public property under controversy

Dear sir, Coming to the point straightly, In front of my home there is a lake of about 7 acres and a land of about 5 acres. Both the assets are owned by our community members (Controlled and used by a particular caste in the village). Few years ago, all other caste members formed a group and filed a case in a court of law, stating that, the public assets were being exploited by a community group trustees. After this incident, the lake and the land are kept untouched. Now the problem is, I am living in a closer proximity to these lake and the land. The lake is surrounded by wild shrubs and we noticed poisonous reptiles many times crossing the lake and hiding in the shrubs. In my street many kids are playing in the streets and I feel worried about the safety of our village kids. I would like to clear the wild shrubs and willing to plant some trees to protect the environment. The shrubs are only on the corners of the lake. I am not going to get any benefit from this activity. Since the case is pending in the court of law, I am unable to initiate my activity. I kindly request you to provide an assistance to achieve the task. Note: I have zero knowledge about Indian Judicial system and its working procedures.