Chevrolet service

Hello i bought a chevrolet cruze sedan car in 2013 .During regular service at 15000km the company authorised service centre made a note on after service bill that front shocker assembly need repairing ..i felt misalignment and noisy cabin issues in my car till 2015 i faced a lot of noisy cabin problem in my car and 6 to 7 times i went to service station about noisey cabin from car ..then again at 45000km they marked that front left side shocker needs repairing fom gurgaon and after this i went to delhi service centre they said: car shocker is okay ..i put both of dealing persons on conference ..they argued each other but the final from delhi service centre is that ;No problem from shocker it is okay.i agreed because it is good to be okay.Then after the same noises aare coming after this about one mont ago i went to gurgaon service centre that noises are coming .they changed the link rod underwarranty and said the problem is solved.After one day the noises are the same then they changed shocker mounts and charge for this in addition they lubricate car parts and charged etc etc.Now the car unde warranty upto feb 2013 (3 years from purchase date) this time they didnot know mention any shocker problem even after checking and asked by me a lot . i asked why i got 2 times in written that shocker needs repairing .these things happened in jan 2016 ,in april 2016(just after 2 months of expiry of warranty) more clear cut humping noises coming from left shocker .i sent car to service centre then they said front left shocker is leaking and damaged after a lot of arguments car warrranty expired in 2016 i explained that the same issue i told u earlier multiple times .they said they will change it after discussion to company.and it was almost damaged .they changed it aon 07 may 2016,my question is thay\t i bought a new costly sedan and after 15000 now 58000 km in mean time of 3 years i faced a lots of cabin noises which created headaches everytime during travel and multiples visits to service centre which 240 km from home(both side) changed misalignments tyres changed ..even my car was under warranty they did not change shocker and solve noises .what about harrasments physically and mentally ,can i sue them and what should i get ..please help