Regarding internal assement and marks -du

Respected sir, iam a final year student studing in ucms and gtb hospital ,delhi university. Pursuing mbbs. I recently appeared for my final year exams were i managed to clear all the subjects ,except surgery were i scored 53/ 120 in writen, 13/30 in internal assesment and 13/ 20 in orals total of 79/170, in practicals i scored 70/100 and 18/30 in internal assesment ,total of 88/130 .and my total agg. Of 166/300. As per the rules laid down by university one must score 50% marks in theory including orals and 50 % in practicals, and the agg . Total should be of more than 50%. Sir internal assement is not considered a criteria of passing, alothough in my case by adding my int. Assement in theory iam falling short by 6 marks, and excluding the int. Assement iam falling short by only 4 marks to the reqired 50%. And as per the guidelines of d.u iam allowed to get a 5 mark grace if iam failing in just one subject. Sir i would like to know if - int . Assesment is included in the matter of passing. And if no - can i get a grace of 5 marks from the university . So that i can get the reqd. 50% .please help me find the most suitable, course of action and if i have a genuine case .